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If you are looking for assistance in securing government contracts, look no further than the experienced and dedicated legal team at Johnson Law Group International, PLLC. With over 25 years of experience in our field, we are the civically-minded and socially responsible firm for you. Call (202) 544-1515 today to request our services.

Are You Seeking Client-Centered Legal Representation?

If you are a small business attempting to secure a large government contract, you might be feeling a little out of your depth. You might be worrying about the state of your proposal, or you might even be unsure how to begin your proposal.

Whatever the case, you are not alone. If you were, there would not be so many law offices, government-sponsored counseling services, and consulting firms to assist you in this process. Rest assured, everyone needs help sometimes.

With so many people offering their services, we suggest putting your trust in a legal team like us. When we’re your advocate, we’re as competitive and diligent as possible. We will fully devote ourselves to you and your case, ensuring that your contract is secured under the terms most beneficial for you.

The Socially-Conscious Attorneys

Not only are we committed to our clients, but we are committed to our community as well.

A significant portion of our firm’s revenues are donated to youth programs throughout the many communities we serve, and to girls’ education programs around the world, too. That means any fees paid by you don’t just go in our pockets. They go to the world around you.

What’s more, our firm has recently transitioned to solar energy, making us a role model for other firms and companies in our area.

The Government Contracts Lawyers with 25 Years of Experience

Our decades of experience ensure that the preliminary stages of the procurement process and the procurement itself are straight-forward, stress-free, and error-free.

We are more than familiar with the many statutes, regulations, cases, rules, and complex procedures that need to be followed to ensure full government compliance. Rest assured, we will secure the contract of your choosing.

The Federal Procurement Process Made Simple

An attorney should make the procurement process less stressful. And that is exactly what we do. Once we have all the information we need, we will get right to work and draft your proposal and fine-tune your bid. We will contact you when necessary, but we will not crowd your busy schedule with needless meetings.

Advice and Assistance Related to Contract Bidding

Even if you only need to sit with someone who can answer a few important questions, we can be of service to you. We will help our clients every step of the way, and if there are only a few steps that leave you feeling uncertain, we can assist you.

For When You Are Involved in Government Contract Disputes

Have the terms of your contract been breached? Don’t hesitate to call us before your contract becomes a costly ordeal.

Capable of Addressing All Your Government Contracting Quandaries

Johnson Law Group has over 25 years of experience in government contracting, having engaged with numerous federal, local and international agencies and international bodies over that time, including USAID, DOD, State, the World Bank, DCPS, MCPS, PGCPS and others. The firm works with contractors on SBA registrations, federal and local regulatory interpretation, compliance and enforcement, teaming agreements, prime grants and contracts, FOIA requests, debarment issues and bid protests.

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