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When it comes to the things that matter most, you want to be prepared for what comes next. That’s why it’s critical you partner with the right law firm to plan your estate. The future of your children—and your children’s children—depends on it. Johnson Law Group International, PLLC is one of the top law firms in Washington, DC with a focus on estate planning and trust management. We have a dedicated team to help you pass on your wealth to the next generation through sophisticated combinations of trusts and living wills. We work together with you to create estate planning solutions that are right for the needs of you and your family, minimizing tax impact, and providing a bright future for your loved ones.

Simple Wills and Probates

Avoiding the fees and lengthy delays associated with probate court is on the minds of most people looking to pass their wealth on to future generations. If you opt for a simple will, your estate will be subject to a 35% tax and whichever state probate fees your will was filed in.

Setting up a trust with your estate planning attorney from Johnson Law Group International, PLLC is a way to hold on to your assets and leave them for future generations.

Living Trust Vs. Testamentary Trust

A living trust may be exempt from many of the estate taxes that befall the estates of hardworking Americans. For many of our clients seeking wealth management and estate planning, creation of an irrevocable living trust with your descendants named as beneficiaries is a wise move to preserve wealth and give your relatives the best footing for their future.

A testamentary trust is set up after someone’s will goes into effect. Like all other aspects of a will, it is subject to probate fees.

Trustees With Your Interests in Mind

Johnson Law Group International, PLLC is prepared to advise on the creation of or sit on the board of trustees of any existing trust you have already created. Our estate planning attorneys will advocate for your initial intent behind the foundation of your trust even if you aren’t able to.

Setting Up a Living Trust

Setting up a living trust, whether revocable or irrevocable, is a difficult task that most people don’t have the legal knowledge to handle. When you need to ensure your assets are in good hands for decades, trust an estate planning attorney from Johnson Law Group International, PLLC.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 1985, Johnson Law Group International, PLLC is the top choice for Washington and Capitol Region residents looking for a law firm to set up trusts or other matters pertaining to estates and wills. Our dedicated staff are ready to handle any fiduciary matter with the same discretion and expertise we apply to all our clients. For the most sophisticated trust agreements and wealth management plans in the Beltway, contact Johnson Law Group International, PLLC to set up an initial meeting.

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