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With a team of top lawyers working on the cutting edge of wealth management, choose Johnson Law Group International, PLLC to provide a better financial future for your family.

Trust Johnson Law Group International, PLLC when you need a sophisticated approach to tax reduction and a wide variety of strategies to keep your estate’s finances out of the hands of the IRS. Don’t lose thousands of dollars in administration and probate fees. Instead call one of our estate planning lawyers and begin to plan for the future today!

Wealth Management Strategies for Our Burlington Clients

Johnson Law Group International, PLLC represents clients from all walks of life and financial backgrounds. That’s why our attorneys will suggest diverse options for wealth preservation when planning your wills and trusts. Smaller estates may need only an estate attorney, but others will require a complex setup of wills and trusts that reduce the tax burden on your assets and maximizes the legacy you pass on to the next generation.


Johnson Law Group International, PLLC’s approach to wills is to provide a perfect mixture of flexibility and security. Ensure you and your loved ones pay only a fair amount of tax and protect your assets against last-minute changes to your wishes by choosing one of our will lawyers.

Estate Administration

A guiding hand that respects your original intent and authority is essential when administering a will. We’ve executed and administered the estates of dozens of clients over the years. Rather than naming a family member as the executor of your last wishes, choose an impartial and just administrator by selecting one of the estate attorneys from Johnson Law Group International, PLLC.

We do our utmost to wind down estates within a year of founding and seek mediation rather than court dates for all legal challenges to preserve the maximum value of your estate. Ensure creditors are paid on time and your beneficiaries receive the value you’ve set aside from them!


Our lawyers with experience in trusts have amassed a wealth of knowledge dealing with all manner of financial vehicles for wealth preservation. Choose a trust attorney from Johnson Law Group International, PLLC for a complex and powerful assortment of wills and trusts, both living and irrevocable, to ensure your assets are well cared for decades into the future.

Our lawyers working in the field of wills and trusts have decades of combined experience and are happy to sit on trustee boards to ensure your vision is respected.

Call Today to Begin Your Estate Planning

Predicting the future isn’t possible. But having a steady hand at the helm reduces risk and provides financial security for your family for decades to come.

Whether you need a will lawyer to finalize your last wishes or you need to create a comprehensive wealth management plan with our team, give Johnson Law Group International, PLLC a call today. Let’s sit down and talk about your legacy today.

Johnson Law Group has extensive experience in creating tailored estate plans for individuals and families designed to preserve and distribution of wealth, avoid expensive probate costs and minimize taxes. The firm is expert in drafting revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, wills, durable and special powers of attorney, and advance health directives. We also administer estates and trusts and provide support for intervention proceedings such as financial guardianships.

The U.S. population is aging, with longer and much more active lifestyles and greater expectations, the need to manage assets, provide for long-term care, and qualify for governmental benefits such as Medicare becomes paramount. Johnson Law Group provides a roadmap for navigating the often complex social, financial and health needs of people approaching or having reached retirement age.

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