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Since 1985, the Johnson Law Group has been committed to integrity, value and social responsibility. Providing client-focused, affordable services to the citizens of Burlington isn’t just our mission, it’s our calling. With a focus on wills, estates and trusts, we’re there for you when you need to plan for more than just the present moment.

We understand that for most, writing a will can be a stressful thing. But it’s important to be aware of just how important it is to have one. You can trust in our firm to get you through the process carefully, compassionately, and with a positive attitude.

Taking the time to plan for the future is a great decision, one that we are dedicated to helping with. For more information, or to book an appointment, just give us a call!


While there are multiple kinds of wills, they all lay out your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and the guardianship of minors under your care, should you pass away.

The most traditional will is referred to as a self-proving, or testamentary will and is a document the attorneys at the Johnson Law Group can draw up for you to then be signed by witnesses.

Writing a will is a selfless act. And while it can be tough, it’s important to provide for your loved ones if the worst should happen. Your will can grant power of attorney and spell out what decisions should be made if you cannot make them for yourself, and put an end to potential property battles amongst family when you do pass.


A trust is a legal agreement between the trust-maker, trustee, and beneficiary or beneficiaries. Unlike a will, trusts can be used for a variety of reasons, many of which come into action while the trust-maker is still alive.

When you draw up a trust with the attorneys at Johnson Law Group, you’ll create rules that are to be followed for a property held in trust for your beneficiaries.

Think in terms of trust fund recipients. Usually young adults who must achieve a certain goal before being granted monetary gains.

Estate Planning

Your estate is made up of everything you own. No matter how large or small, we all have them. When you work with an estate planning attorney, you’ll be doing everything you would within a will or trust, and then some.

We’ll go in-depth to draw up detailed instructions for your values and values, as well as instruction for your care should you become disabled. We’ll help you to think of every little thing that needs to be dealt with upon your passing and ensure it is dealt with exactly the way you want.

Compassionate Professionalism

Having worked in Burlington for over 32 years helping to draw up wills and trusts, and assisting clients with detailed estate planning, we are able to guarantee compassion and professionalism for every case.

Whether you need to determine power of attorney, establish a trust fund, or work with a general estate planning attorney, we’re here for you. Just give us a call today.

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