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At Johnson Law Group International, PLLC, we are specialists in a wide range of legal areas. One of our greatest areas of expertise lies in wills, estates and trusts, and we have used this knowledge to cater to the needs of homeowners in the Montpelier area since day one of our business.

Our wealth of legal experience combined with a commitment to delivering the best possible results for our clients means that if you want a will drawn up or your estate planning taking care of, then we need to be the first number you call.

Our dedicated legal team at Johnson Law Group International, PLLC helps our local clients in Montpelier prepare for the transition from different stages of life seamlessly. The reason that our legal service has proven so popular with clients in Montpelier is because it can assist those who have been left behind following a death of a family member or loved one with careful and thorough planning.

So, if you are looking for a convenient legal service that can be accessed electronically and at a reasonable cost, then you need us at Johnson Law Group International, PLLC. We promise, you’ll be glad you called.

Why Choose Johnson Law Group International, PLLC

At Johnson Law Group International, PLLC, we have developed a detailed estate planning checklist as well as a glossary of estate planning terms and trust terminology that can help our clients start the transition process quickly and easily.

Our dedicated legal team will work closely with executors and personal representatives to administer estates. This includes everything from filing petitions for probate, developing estate inventories and accountings as well as closing estates when necessary. On top of that, we also have a particularly in-depth knowledge in respect of juvenile financial guardianships as well as the needs of families with dependents with special needs.

Two Main Types of Trust

There is no doubt about it, knowing the best trust strategy to pursue can be a complex process. However, by enlisting the assistance of Johnson Law Group International, PLLC, you can be guaranteed that the process will be relatively straight-forward. In essence, a trust is created when you transfer ownership of your assets to a trustee, either in the form of an individual or trust company, with instructions for them to use these assets for the benefit of the designated beneficiary. In general, there are two types of trusts:

1. Testamentary Trust: A testamentary trust is created in your will and takes effect upon your death. The assets relating to a testamentary trust form part of your estate and are subject to any estate fees or taxes that apply. The main advantage of this type of trust is that it can be changed at any time before your death by simply having a new will prepared.

2. Living Trust: By establishing a living trust, property ownership is passed immediately to your beneficiaries during your lifetime. Because the transfer of ownership is made during your lifetime, the trust assets do not form part of your estate and are therefore not subject to probate.

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