Commercial Transactions

location2The long-debated proposal to increase family leave benefits is moving closer to a vote by the DC Council. The proposed legislation, which appears to have the support of a majority of Council members, would require employers to provide 11 weeks of paid family leave for parents to care for newborn or adopted children and 8 weeks to care for parents or grandparents. Full- and part-time employees would be able to receive up to 90 percent of their pay, limited to $1,000 per week. The program would be funded by a 0.62 percent increase in payroll taxes, and would be considered the most generous family leave law in the country. A full report from The Washington Post can be found at:

  Johnson Law Group business clients often ask us about the advantages anddisadvantages of hiring employees versus hiring contractors, and what each approach entails. This can be a complicated decision to make. Recently, California decided that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors. If upheld, this decision could have major consequences for the Uber business model. Read more by clicking on the following link:

The complaint alleges that the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development violated the Freedom of Information Act's mandatory disclosure requirement because, since November 1, 2001, it has failed disclose records (specifically Land Development Agreements) which it is required to make public.  In addition, the complaint alleges that DMPED unlawfully denied, delayed and obstructed specific requests for the LDAs on the West End Library and the Hine Development. Read more here: Fourteen Steps for a New LLC
  • Obtain an employer identification number from the IRS and open a bank account.
  • Determine how the LLC will be taxed. The IRS has a “Check the Box” procedure for declaring how an entity will be taxed.
  • Determine which assets and liabilities are to be turned over to the LLC.
  • Register with the local tax authority.
  • Establish a Worker’s Compensation account.
  • Obtain a business license, if required by the local jurisdiction.
  • Register with the local unemployment authority.
  • Create employment agreements with any employees.
  • Procure insurance for property and for individual liability of managers and owners.
  • Develop a strategy for developing accident and health insurance plans, wage continuation plans, medical reimbursement plans, group term life insurance plans, death benefit plans or pension and profit-sharing plans.
  • Learn when the LLC is required to file reports with the local jurisdiction.
  • Determine whether operations outside the LLC’s local jurisdiction will require registration in those jurisdictions.
  • Review the LLC’s operating agreement at least annually to ensure that it continues to serve the LLC’s needs.
  • Maintain open and regular communications with your accountant and lawyer.
This is not an exhaustive list, but is a start to creating a business framework necessary for success…