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DC Enacts Physician-assisted Suicide Law

location2District of Columbia Mayor Muriel E. Bowser quietly approved legislation making the District the seventh jurisdiction in the United States to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives legally. The legislation is modeled after the nation’s first physician-assisted suicide law, enacted in Oregon. Voters have approved similar laws in Washington state and Colorado, as have as the legislatures of Vermont and California. The practice is considered legal in Montana because of a court ruling. The DC law will allow doctors to prescribe fatal medication to patients with less than six months to live. Patients must make two requests over a period of two weeks and ingest the drugs themselves. It is unclear whether the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress will exercise its power to overturn the new law. Read more here:


  1. DC Council to Vote on Paid Family Leave

    Posted By: JLGI on November 29, 5:56 PM

    The long-debated proposal to increase family leave benefits is moving closer to a vote by the DC Council. The proposed legislation, which appears to have the support of a majority of Council members, would require employers to provide 11 weeks of paid family leave for parents to care for newborn or adopted children and 8 […]

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  2. The Right to Die with Dignity

    Posted By: JLGI on August 29, 10:58 AM

    George F. Will, in the Washington Post, writes a thoughtful piece about some of the ethical and legal aspects of a person’s right to end his or her life highlighting, of course, Brittany Maynard’s choice last year to move to Oregon to be relieved of the suffering caused by terminal brain cancer. The article includes a […]

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  3. Are Uber Drivers Employees or Contractors?

    Posted By: JLGI on June 18, 8:06 AM

    Johnson Law Group business clients often ask us about the advantages anddisadvantages of hiring employees versus hiring contractors, and what each approach entails. This can be a complicated decision to make. Recently, California decided that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors. If upheld, this decision could have major consequences for the Uber business model. Read […]

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  4. Is There a Right to Die?

    Posted By: JLGI on February 15, 2:07 PM

    Three states have laws on the books that provide a right to die, including Vermont, Washington and Oregon, with a recent case making the news in Vermont. See This is an issue that Johnson Law Group clients are increasingly concerned about as they undertake planning for life transitions. Nationally, the issue has taken on […]

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  5. Robin Williams and Careful Estate Planning

    Posted By: JLGI on February 12, 5:47 PM

    The importance of thoughtful estate planning can’t be over-emphasized. Even the estate Robin Williams, which likely benefited from the expenditure of considerable resources, is not immune to the pitfalls of failing to think through all estate contingencies. Read more by clicking on the link below.

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  6. Middle-aged (or older), Single and the Law

    Posted By: JLGI on February 5, 4:34 PM

    We recently penned an article in collaboration with Angela Beckham for the February 2015 newsletter of a prominent “older-person” support organization that had identified a range of legal and other challenges facing single people as they age. Read the entire piece at the link provided below.

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  7. D.C.’s Continued Struggle with “Pop-ups”

    Posted By: JLGI on February 2, 6:51 PM

    The District government continues to struggle with balancing housing, economic development and aesthetic concerns in its attempt to regulate “pop-up” housing construction. Read more in the Washington Post…

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  8. Je Suis Charlie Hebdo and Law

    Posted By: JLGI on January 10, 1:36 PM

    In the aftermath of the tragedy that unfolded in France, David Brooks has a recent interesting piece in The New York Times that makes the point that while law can protect fundamental rights such as freedom of speech, it is a somewhat rigid mechanism. Brooks argues that social mannerisms can be more flexible in managing the tension […]

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  9. JLGI to Sponsor VBSR Event

    Posted By: JLGI on January 8, 3:40 PM

    Johnson Law Group will be an event sponsor for the January Networking Get-Together of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. Our firm subscribes to VBSR’s mission to “foster a business ethic… that recognizes the opportunity and responsibility of the business community to set a high standard for protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of […]

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